Publish and Flourish! an Afternoon Talk with Dr. Shiro Armstrong


In this current climate, if you want to influence policy, or if you want to be a prolific scholar, you have to be able to write and publish your writing. This sharing session with Dr Shiro Armstrong aims at encouraging us to write and publish our analysis, observation and findings. As one of the East Asia Forum (EAF) editors (along with Prof Peter Drysdale), Shiro will share his experience and likely some tricks and tips to write for academic journal articles and also for popular academic platforms. Shiro will also be happy to entertain any questions related to writings or EAF or any other relevant issues.

Since Indonesia is perceived as an important global player in this century, Indonesians are required to play a bigger role in the global arena and the ability to write and publish will definitely help this objective.

So, come along to this event, and after that, you can publish and flourish!