Speed Dating Language Exchange

Speed Dating

Language Exchange is a weekly forum for discussion in Indonesian and English. This week’s Language Exchange will be held in a different style! It’s going to be a speed dating language exchange!

PPIA ACT, AIYA ACT & ANU ISA invite you to a speed dating language exchange, which is about conversations through fast appointments of 8 minutes. You will talk 4 minutes in Bahasa Indonesia and after 4 minutes you change to English, then change partners and start again! The dates are focused on practicing both languages and getting to know people.

All levels are welcome!! Even if you’re a beginner, come along to improve your Bahasa Indonesia and English and meet some great people interested in Indonesia and the Indonesia-Australian relationship.

Here you can meet lots of new people, have some fun and practice your Bahasa & English for free!

We only have limited seats available, so get yourself registered as soon as possible!

✓ When: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 (3 PM – 4 PM)
✓ Where: Pop Up Village

and click our link below to get the tickets !!!!

Speed Dating Language Exchange

Please email act@aiya.org.au if you have any questions about the event! See you there!!




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