Learn Photography With “The Clubs”

Fotografi menggambarkan ekspresi, perasaan, emosi dan cerita di balik suatu momen. Oleh karena inilah, PPIA- ACT terinispirasi untuk mengadakan acara yang di dedikasikan untuk penggemar fotografi. Pada hari Sabtu, 10 Maret 2018, PPIA-ACT mengundang teman-teman yang tertarik dengan fotografi untuk mengikuti “The Clubs” on Photography. Festival Enlighten Night Noodle Markets di Old Parliament House adalah lokasi yang dipilih untuk mendukung kesempurnaan program tersebut. Acara ini … Continue reading Learn Photography With “The Clubs”

Liputan Acara Ijab Kabul PPIA ACT

Acara Ijab Kabul PPIA ACT di Februari ini dilaksanakan di University of Canberra (UC) tepatnya pada 13 Februari. Tema yang diangkat PPIA ACT kali ini ialah “Millenial Generations: What does it mean for disadvantaged people?” dengan menghadirkan 2 narasumber yaitu DR. Sitti Maesuri Patahuddin –Assistant Prof. at STEM Education Research Centre (SERC) dan Butet Manurung (Founder and Director of SOKOLA Institute – Centre of Indigenous Peoples … Continue reading Liputan Acara Ijab Kabul PPIA ACT

Screening “Solo, Solitude” (“Istirahatlah Kata-Kata”)

“With such a potent mix of melancholy and silent madness, Solo, Solitude… offers a poignant reflection of humanity drawn from the turbulent recent histories of Southeast Asia” Clarence Tsui, The Hollywood Reporter July 1996, riots break out in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. Wiji Thukul, a well-known poet, is designed as a suspect activist. With the police looking for him, Wiji is forced to leave Solo … Continue reading Screening “Solo, Solitude” (“Istirahatlah Kata-Kata”)

Job Insider: Get Insight from Insider

Mark your date! The very first sequence of Job Sharing Session from PPIA ACT & ANUISA is going to be held on October 6th 2017 this week! Come and hear the insiders’ insights presented by our speakers from the Central Bank of Indonesia, Palladium, and World Bank. This will be a good opportunity for you in preparing your career path! Fulfil your curiosity by asking … Continue reading Job Insider: Get Insight from Insider