IJAB KABUL: Chinese Ethnicity in Indonesia

IJAB KABUL: “Chinese Ethnicity in Indonesia: why and how anti-Chinese campaign still emerges amongst Indonesians” will discuss the problematic issues on the anti-Chinese that still occurring in Indonesia. This month’s Ijab Kabul will have Professor Robert Cribb from the Coral Bell School of Asia-Pacific Affairs as the speaker. Make sure you come and keep you updated with the topics that are happening in/about Indonesia! Continue reading IJAB KABUL: Chinese Ethnicity in Indonesia

Database Mahasiswa 2017

Halo teman-teman pelajar Indonesia di Canberra! Saat ini PPIA sedang mengumpulkan data pelajar Indonesia di Australia. Untuk apa? Kami ingin memfasilitasi komunikasi teman-teman antar pelajar, sharing informasi, dan mendata sebaran dan status pelajar Indonesia di Australia. Untuk itu, kami berharap teman-teman dapat mengisi form berikut: Database Mahasiswa 2017   Continue reading Database Mahasiswa 2017

Speed Dating Language Exchange

Language Exchange is a weekly forum for discussion in Indonesian and English. This week’s Language Exchange will be held in a different style! It’s going to be a speed dating language exchange! PPIA ACT, AIYA ACT & ANU ISA invite you to a speed dating language exchange, which is about conversations through fast appointments of 8 minutes. You will talk 4 minutes in Bahasa Indonesia … Continue reading Speed Dating Language Exchange